There are many hidden, jewels in the Riviera Maya for travelers to discover — whether they are new to the area or returning visitors.

One of those places is La Chula Restaurant in Tulum. It is a gastronomic paradise you have probably seen or heard while traveling to Beach Road and an experience you don’t want to miss.

La Chula is a favorite restaurant among locals and returning travelers to the Riviera Maya. We hope you’ll try it the next time you visit the area. Here’s why.

More Than Just A Restaurant

For most of the locals in the Tulum Pueblo, La Chula Restaurant is more than just a restaurant.

It’s the place they go to after work, to hang out on the weekend, and to enjoy epic celebrations. There is something about its easy-breezy vibe, where you don’t have to be all fancy to dine well. Everyone feels welcomed by the staff, and their service is impeccable.

Unfortunately, very few travelers discover this hidden paradise because the restaurant is often overlooked due to its location on a busy road. However, if you ask around, you will hear the best reviews of this fantastic place. La Chula Restaurant is far from being the typical place to eat. The incredible staff and great food can only be topped by its warm, family ambiance.

Great Prices, Greater Food

La Chula seafood

You may be thinking with all the great reviews; La Chula must or should be expensive. But this is not the case.

The dishes offered at La Chula are 100 percent Mexican and often surpass the expectations, even for locals, for flavor and authenticity. If you love their meals, you will fall in with their prices. Meat lovers can enjoy the fine cuts for around $300.00 pesos. Among the meat options, you will find T-Bone, fresh Ceviche and the best Arrachera steak you have ever had. The entrees start from only $90.00 pesos. A full meal with a drink, main course, and dessert should be around $450.00 pesos per person. As an extra tip, they have fresh coconuts available all day long.

Convenient Location

La Chula resto

La Chula Restaurant is easy to access by bike, car or even walking from Tulum Pueblo. It is open from 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm.

As we mentioned before, this fantastic place sometimes gets overlooked by the travelers who visit Tulum. If you are going to Tulum Beach or coming from it towards the Pueblo, La Chula Restaurant will be right in the middle of the route. It is located on the Tulum – Boca Paila Road, almost in front of Chedraui grocery store.

Its entrance is open and welcoming. Everything is perfectly decorated in wood and provides tons of space and light. There is a bar by the lobby, and the drinks are fantastic if you need to wait for a friend or the rest of your party before being seated.

Once you visit and try their dishes, we guarantee you will be coming back for more. For any celebration or big size parties, we highly recommend reserving a table in advance. We can assist you with dinner reservations for La Chula restaurant and send you the menu for you to review.