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Well, I have to say that I LOVE ?having breakfast on Tulum beach ?getting kissed by the early morning sun rays. As much as I love dining at all of the restaurants in Tulum, this is one of my favorites. ?Even just the ride down to the beach is so much more fun.


I finished up my meeting, official business for the my phone 161day ? CHECK! ?Now it was time to order breakfast, enjoy the beach and see what the day would bring. ?One of my favorite breakfast dishes in Tulum is Huevos Rancheros. ?Eggs over easy on a tortilla slathered in beans and a delicious salsa. ?At Cabanas La Luna, Huevos Rancheros are served with seasoned potatoes and peppers and a perfectly firm avocado. ?I always add a touch of the fresh habanero salsa for an extra kick. ?The homemade bread and jams at Cabanas La Luna are the perfect compliment to balance the spice.




I love it when I am having a meal with a friend and we split dishes. ?In this case I was the happy recipient of a bacon, cheese and veggie omelet. ?AMAZING!


casa cenote, tulum (4)Now what are we going to do???? ?Then true to perfect Tulum form, another close friend came strolling up and asked what we were planing on doing. ?Next thing we knew we were on the road to Tankah ?Bay to go snorkeling in Casa Cenote ? and do a little afternoon fishing with the Manatee Dive shop.



Maanati dive shop (1)







Maanati dive shop (4)? ?After a good few hours on the boat we were starting to get a little hungry again so we headed back in to grab some food at Casa Cenote Restaurant. ?One of their killer house margaritas was a MUST!


Just another Tulum Day. Living and Loving Tulum