By Sarah Akiyama

Tulum is the tropical getaway favorite of bloggers everywhere. The practically untouched strip of beautiful beaches,?tasty restaurants, and tranquil spas is ideal for anyone planning a trip to paradise. If you don’t know where to start planning, here are four of our favorite bloggers with their tips and recommendations for the perfect stay in Tulum!

Tulum, Mexico

By Running With Tweezers

“Of all the posts I?ve done on RWT, the travel-related ones have been some of the most popular. I?ve had countless emails/tweets/IG comments about recommendations for Tulum, Mexico ? a place we?ve been three years in a row. It?s a special place for my husband and I ? we celebrated our honeymoon there with friends and traveled there with more friends in 2014. This year, we took off for the Christmas holiday there just the two of us. Our experience there was different than when we?ve been at other times of the year but still very enjoyable. I?m sharing a few photos here along with some updated recommendations and a few travel tips I?ve picked up along the way ? you can see many more photos from our trip over on my Instagram account.”

7 Places To Visit In Tulum

By The Chriselle Factor


“As per all of your requests, here is my a post on the 5 places you have to visit in Tulum! I tried to go to as many places in Tulum as I could, even though our schedule was revolved around Chloe?s nap schedule. Chloe was so excited to be in Tulum that often times she wouldn?t take her naps, so luckily we were able to discover a lot of places in a short five days. Tulum is filled with amazing restaurants and shopping so it?s hard to go wrong. There were a few places that stood out to me on my Tulum trip and today I?ll be sharing the 5 places you can?t leave Tulum without visiting!”

Tulum City Guide

By Lovely Indeed


“Good news, gang! Lovely Indeed is expanding our travel section with some juicy, beautiful city guides! We love to explore the world and go on adventures, and it?s high time we share all of our knowledge with you in a more thorough way. For every new city we hit, we?ll be writing up a thorough guide with our recs for food, sights, lodging, and more. Not to mention, we?ll include tips and tricks for bringing a little one along (look for baby tips in italics!). And we?re kicking it off right here and now with a guide to everyone?s current Mexico fave: Tulum!”


Tulum: A Few Favorites

By sfgirlbybay

“ahhhh,?tulum. i have to say that it?s as magical a place as i had imagined, and even surpassed my expectations. i was there last week teaching ace camp with rena tom ofmakeshift society and i felt like one happy camper to be able to teach in such an idyllic spot.tulum is on the caribbean sea, just two hours drive from the cancun airport and once you arrive you feel as far away from the larger touristy areas as you can get. it?s one long strip of beach with small boutique hotels and wellness spas (nothing higher than two stories tall) and charming restaurants and shops you can easily walk or bike to. we stayed at the hip hotel, a small 22-room hotel smack dab on the beach ? cute little beach huts, complete with individual decks and hammocks. be forewarned, there?s no air conditioning so i?m not sure what it?s like it the warmer summer months, but our ceiling fans and the fresh breeze off the ocean was perfecto. it?s just a little slice of heaven.”