The Spring starts with new ideas to enjoy and make the most of the holidays in Riviera Maya. We definitely encourage our travelers to go beyond their comfort zone and try all the crazy activities in this area. And we know many of you already enjoy the benefits of a great Yoga lesson, and perhaps most of you are trained and practice this activity regularly. But how many of you have tried it on a Paddleboard in the water? Riviera Maya gives you all the facilities to enjoy these fantastic activities, that might seem crazy at first, but are super fun and rewarding.

We believe the best souvenirs you can take home are definitely the crazy moments you can collect during holidays. And this is why it is our mission to offer you with unique options, like SUP Yoga in Tulum.

Meet The Team

Yoga instructors

An important part of any Tour or adventure is, of course, the team. They have to be both professional and fun, not too strict but with tons of experience to ensure a safe environment while you relax and enjoy. This is the case of SUP Yoga in Tulum, Nancy Kyd who leads the team, is a certified Paddleboard instructor. Her vibrant personality and knowledge are the key to a successful SUP Yoga experience. She created the first and only Yoga BOGA studio based now in the beautiful and enigmatic location of Tulum.


A Strong and wonderful woman can only be surrounded by other great women, and she has found 4 other amazing Yoga instructors who are also certified in Paddleboarding. These incredible women will guarantee a fantastic experience, a once in a lifetime adventure that you will remember forever. To discover more about the leader of this fantastic project and her team, go to their main website and have a sneak peek on each of their Bio’s.

Relaxing And Fun

Yoga in Tulum

If you are a little skeptical about practicing Yoga in the water, we can guarantee it is the most fulfilling and stimulating experience. It might sound a bit challenging but the instructors are incredibly patient and positive, their amazing skills make you abandon all fears and doubts. The adventure starts with the meeting of instructors and the team.


After you meet the team and have the instructions and itinerary, you will be transported to any of the beautiful locations to start the activity. Either the turquoise lagoon or the private cenote, are the perfect scenarios to do Yoga, due to their calm waters. The whole experience lasts around 3.5 hours during which you will enjoy a deep connection with the surroundings and full coordination of balance and movements. In the end, you will enjoy the famous “fireball” which is a Vegan snack, and a cold press juice also included.

Other Locations & Services

Paddle board yoga instructor

In addition to the fantastic adventure that already is doing SUP Yoga in Tulum, you also have access to other great options. SUP Yoga in Holbox is another must-do activity they provide. And their locations are not limited to Tulum only, if you have heard about Sian Kaan reserve, well they also offer activities and Yoga retreats there.


The rates are affordable and can fit almost any budget, plus Paddleboards are also available for rent. The rates depend on the type of tour or service you want to book but usually start at $100.00 usd per person.
Do not miss the opportunity to a fabulous experience with SUP Yoga in Tulum. Send us an e-mail for any inquiry to and we will reply back with a quote. Please don’t forget to include the location of your vacation home, especially if you want to add round transportation.