Tulum is one of those places that will always stick with you.

Travel To Tulum

Tulum is a lovely Caribbean setting for Mexico’s Mayan Legacy

Impossibly idyllic with pure white sandy beaches, lapped at by the turquoise Caribbean, and atop its black and grey granite cliffs sits what once was an important Mayan seaport town.

Tulum is one of those places that will always stick with you. It has with me.


Built between AD 1200-1521 and originally a fortress and small city-state of the Mayan Empire, historical theories put Tulum as a prominent seaport.

Many of the buildings show the sculpture of their diving god and where inhabitants still lived even after the arrival of the Spanish, but it seems disease finally ended civilian life in this town.

Much of Tulum’s previous functions and imprints of everyday life here have been well-preserved, excavated, or in some places faithfully replicated.

You can swim and relax on the beach beneath the ruins once you have finished exploring the ancient town.

Also, the area has retained a remote and un-touristy feel with only a small collection of high-end hotels and eco-retreats nearby.

There is the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve; incorporating Tulum Playa and many of these eco-hotels and the town of Tulum itself, which all adds to the evocative romance and glorious setting of its main attraction.

Getting there early in the morning for the chance of getting the site mostly to yourself.

You can travel there all year round given its Caribbean location, with an average temperature of 32?c (90?F).