Foodie Heaven: Tulum- Fantastic Array of Restaurants along the Beach Road

La Zebra HotelLa Zabra Hotel

Tulum seems to have it all. I?ll admit to falling in love with the place just a little.?If you are looking for a big all-inclusive resort, with multiple, large pools, huge nightclubs and lots of noisy water sports, Tulum is probably not the right place for you.

But if you are looking for a place where you can relax on quiet, calm, white sand beaches, indulge in some excellent cuisine, practice yoga, ride a bicycle as your transportation and get to know the people that make Tulum what it is, then THIS is your place! While, admittedly I didn?t venture far from the Tulum Beach Road, I didn?t feel the need to go beyond the stunning little area I found myself in. The fantastic array of?restaurants along the Beach Road made it hard to find occasion to head into town?




An open-air environment with an ever-changing chalkboard menu, Hartwood has long been considered the Tulum hot-spot. No walls, no roof and barely doors gilding the entrance, it has a unique feel and charged ambience. You can feel the love that has been put into the preparation of every dish at Hartwood, with everything made by hand and done in a wood burning oven or open grill. Owned and run by ex-Manhattan chef, Eric Werner, it?s definately where you?ll find all the cool kids in Tulum! Hartwood truly is a special little spot that is an absolute must for Tulum visitors.

Casa Banana

Casa BananaCasa Banana

Serving up urban, Argentine-style, rustic food and specialzing in wood-fire cuisine, Casa Banana delivers the best steak in Tulum. Homemade chorizo and fresh caught fish are just another couple of the impressive menu favourites here. With a low-key atmosphere; lanterns hanging from a large tree at the entrance and votive candles on each table glowing within white ceramic bowls, and a thoughtfully selected international wine list- the only extensive wine list I really came across while in Tulum-it is a fantastic option for top-notch non-Mexican fare. Don?t forget to also try one of our hand-shaken icy margaritas!


Mateos TulumMateos Tulum

With a sign out front claiming ?The Best Fish Tacos on Earth,? Mateo?s was a no-brainer! And while I definitely did not leave disappointed- they were amazing fish tacos- I will maintain that they?ll have to share the title with The Real Fish Taco truck in Sayulita! The mouth watering burrito with green verde sauce was however second to none. A great atmosphere, a fantastic Sunset Lounge, super selection of cocktails including my favourite, Coco Loco served in a coconut and a breakfast menu to rival their dinner, Mateo?s proved an all round winner.

Lina?s Mexican Kitchen

Lina's Mexican KitchenLina's Mexican KitchenLina's Mexican Cantina

Chef Lina and the staff have a good thing going here at La Zebra Hotel, providing a casual-chic ambience beneath a soaring open-beam palapa roof with beautiful sea breezes. From homemade granola, omelets, and fruits to ceviche, steak, salads, and savory authentic Mexican dishes, all dishes are made using only local ingredients. Local seafood caught daily, abundant fresh local fruits and vegetables as well as herbs from their local organic herb garden. Make sure you look up at the roof and check out the interesting d?cor adorning the ceiling!

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