Tulum is a paradise for anyone who is into yoga and healthy food. I went during New Years which was a really busy period but I heard that Tulum is very quiet all other times of the year. As I spent 2 weeks there I actually felt that I did have a lot of time to try out most restaurants, yoga places etc. which normally doesn?t happen when I come to a place the first time. Here are my tips on where to:


Tulum accommodation on the beach can be rustic and power cuts are not uncommon. Be Tulum?and Coqui Coqui are great hotels if you want to stay on the beach, which most people do. I stayed in a condo in Tulum town which is great if you want 100% comfort or you were too late to book one of the better hotels (they do get booked up quickly during busy times such as New Years). From Tulum town to the beach it?s easy to take a taxi or drive. Sanara, a place I did yoga at, will open up their hotel part during 2015 and I?m pretty sure their rooms will be amazing so that definitely seems like a good option for accommodation too.



There is yoga classes being offered everywhere in Tulum. The most beautiful yoga space I went to is without a doubt Sanara, they have a huge room facing the ocean. I also tried the yoga at Hemingway, Casa Violeta and Yogashala and liked all of them.


Breakfast spot?

Casa Jaguar does a great breakfast, and so does El Tabano, Zamas and Casa Banana. Amansala does a good breakfast buffet and their beach is really nice.

casa violeta tulum

Juice place?

For juices I recommend Ahau, they did an amazing carrot, ginger and lemon creation which sorted me out after a late night spent at Casa Magna. Posada Margherita is great too and if you are at Coqui Coqui make sure to order their immunity juice with strawberries, pink grapefruit, lemon, lime and orange. FYI the immunity juice amazing with vodka in it too in case you are feeling festive. A lot of places put chaya, a Mexican tree spinach and a local super food,?in their green juices.



For lunch Be Tulum might be my favourite for their cevice, salads and grilled fish but I also love Coqui Coqui, El Tabano and the vegan place Restaurare. Casa Violeta is super cute and they do great food too. Another amazing place is Posada Margherita, which has a very small menu mainly consisting of pasta and fish. Go there for their juices if nothing else! The interior design is very bohemian, different and super cool.

casa violeta coconuts


The best place in my opinion is without a doubt Hartwood, but be prepared to queue for a table when they open as they don?t take reservations. This out-door super small restaurant is incredible so worth all the wait. They use local food of course but it?s not your traditional fish tacos and guacamole you see in many other places. Their salads are amazing and make sure to order their platanos as a side dish! Gitano and Casa Jaguar are also good options for dinner, these are all located on the jungle side of the main road in Tulum.

Music scene?

If you go between New Years and the BPM music festival you are guaranteed to have some amazing villa or beach parties, and most likely the worst best djs sitting at the table next to you at lunch.


Kite surfing is a big thing in Tulum. You can also go to see Mayan ruins or visit cenotes, amazing under-water caves. Clay or honey massages are also typical for the region and who doesn?t like a spa visit during holidays? The shopping isn?t great but buy some scents in Coqui Coqui?s perfume shop or pick up some of the traditional Mexican incense copal. For more Tulum pics check out this Pinterest board.