Tulum, the sacred Mayan ruin which is perfectly located on the cliff overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea. This unique and spectacular site is the onlylocation in the world that visitors can experience the breath taking views of the sea and of these 1200 year old Mayan Ruins.

It is clear to see that Tulum has a world class beaches. In recent polls fromTripadvisor.com, Tulum was voted as the best beach in Mexico and 3rd in the World. With the exciting mixture of stunning views and of the ancient history, Tulum a must for any visitor



After having travelled to Playa del Carmen for many years in a row, I knew very little about Tulum, an archaeological site only 1 hour from Playa. I was always tempted to learn what Tulum truly is.

This site goes far beyond just the archaeology. It is a place that combines crystalline sea water and white beaches, luxury hotels and rustic cabanas, exquisite food and laid back life style.

If you are searching for a place to relax and let go from the pressure of time, if you want to set aside your smart phone and just BE, Tulum is the ideal place for that.

I thought that Playa del Carmen was a place to relax, until I visited Tulum. People who inhabit this site merge with nature and enjoy every moment without the need to rush.

The only technology that you must bring with you when you go to Tulum is your photo camera, for the land and seascapes are just heavenly.

The tranquility of Tulum invites you to join its peaceful and quiet enjoyment. There you realize that you don?t need a party to have fun. When you observe Tulum?s nature and listen to the calming ocean breeze, you understand the true meaning of bliss?..

Tulum is an ideal place to meditate, do yoga, learn about Mayan culture, go for a retreat and reconnect with the Self and Nature.

Stay on the beach, enjoy a refreshing drink, read a book, admire the surrounding colors, meet locals and visitors that, same as you, came here for the peace of mind.



Restaurants in Tulum:

??????? El Tabano ? not the cheapest, but the interior design and the quality of food make it worth it.

??????? Posada Margherita ? one of the most famous eateries in Tulum, owned by Italians.

??????? El Camello ? a famous seafood place, located on the federal highway nearby Tulum.


??????? Maya SPA is the best! A handful of authentic Mayans offer their knowledge of the ancient Mayan healing rituals.

What to do and where to go?

*Wake up early to enjoy the sunrise and calmed waters and go for a mindful walk.

*Read a book on the shore.

*Go to the beach club for some activities.

*Explore nearby solitary beaches.

*Rent a bike.

*Take a Temazcal cleansing bath ritual.

*Go to a SPA.

*Enjoy a day at Playa Paraiso (Paradise Beach), the most famous beach in Tulum, a bit crowded though.

*Snorkel at the coral reef close to the archaeological site.

*Spend a day at beach club ?Ana y Jose?.

*Enjoy a dinner at the restaurant in the hotel zone that seems most attractive to you.

*Take a highway from Tulum towards Boca Paila and stop by Sian K?aan, an important biosphere preserve, home to a wide variety of flora and fauna.

General suggestions and miscellaneous:

  • I would suggest to use a repellent in the evenings, for the mosquitoes are coming out for their evening feastJ
  • Price range in Tulum is very wide, from very modest and cheap to luxurious and costly. Either option will keep the essence of this enigmatic place and will offer excellent quality.

???..So far, as for me and those who I personally brought to Tulum, time spent in Tulum was an amazing and unforgettable experience